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What is a Material Safety Data Sheet?

A Material Safety Data Sheet is a sixteen-point document that holds information on the potential health effects of exposure to each product as well as on the safest working procedures when managing products.

Do your products have an expiry date?

All product expiry dates are shown on the container, which is usually twelve months after the manufacturing date.

Do I qualify for a discount if I order in bulk?

We will look at offering a discounted price based on the scope of your order. Please speak with your sales representative to discuss your options.

Can I have my own labels on the products I order?

Labels can be custom-made with your company logo along with the product descriptions. Discuss this with your sales representative.

Which products can be used for washing a fleet of trucks?

GP Clean or Grim-E-Go

Which product can be recommended for cleaning jumping castles?

GP Clean

Which hand sanitizer can be recommended for a preschool?

Hand Sanitizer, Be Sure and SteriDry.

Which product can be used to clean Epoxy floor surfaces?

Autoline 105H that is not diluted less than 1:50, or GP Clean that is not diluted to less than 1:20.

What is the equivalent of Black dip?


Which products are SABS approved?

1) Autoline 105H (1828)
2) GP Clean (1828)
3) Antibac 15 (1853)
4) SuperGreen NF (1828)
5) Mult-E-Clean (1828)
6) Nutr-E-Clean (1828)
7) Ster-E-Clean C (1853)
8) Grim-E-Go (1828)
9) Ster-E-Sure C (1853)
11) DPP28 (1828)
12) Z-Cide D (1853)

Which products are registered with the NRCS?

Antibac 15
Ster-e-Clean C
Ster-e-Sure C
Z-Cide D
Washroom Cleaner
Pine Disinfectant
Sanchlor HF

What product can be used to clean white restaurant tablecloths?

Industrial De-stainer and Oxytreat spot spray.

What is the turn-around time of the delivery of my order?

Delivery takes 2-3 business days under normal circumstances.

Where can I find the dilution ratio of the products?

All dilution ratios are showed on the product label.

What is your national footprint?

Our head office is based in Pretoria, Gauteng and services Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and North West. In addition, we have manufacturing plants in KwaZulu Natal and Cape Town.

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